Have you ever found yourself dissatisfied with what you usually do for pleasure? Masturbation should be more than pleasure but intense and exciting as well. If you indulge yourself regularly, you might just lose the feeling of exciting and long lasting orgasm especially if you do it through rubbing and fondling yourself by hand.

 Enjoying yourself every once in awhile is normal but if you no longer find it pleasurable you can simply try different products and techniques which suits your pleasure needs.  But if you want endless and ultimate orgasmic experience, then tenga is what you need.

- Tenga is one of the most sough-after masturbation device for men not only in Japan but worldwide.

- With its clever designs, bringing it anywhere and everywhere is no taboo at all.

- Different styles and functions depending on your needs from your preferred sexual position to sensations, Tengas such as onacups mimics some several sexual positions which make it more pleasurable and realistic.

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